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A High School Athlete’s Recruiting Guide to College Volleyball

Our guide addresses many issues including: admissions, types of schools and scholarships, NCAA eligibility, what coaches look for in a player, how to get noticed by college coaches, the parents role and responsibility, the recruiting timeline, how to be proactive, creating a personal "action plan" and more.

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What is is a recruiting tool built by former college volleyball players that helps high school volleyball players market themselves to college coaches. With every NCAA coach as a registered user, a Recruiting Package ensures a player gets the most out of his or her college volleyball recruiting experience. is The Official Recruiting Tool of USA volleyball, and the only recruiting service the governing body endorses.

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This guide provides answers to your questions about the recruiting process and helps educate the reader to ensure they maximize their exposure to college coaches. It is a great resource for parents of growing volleyball players who are looking for a guide to an increasingly complicated and competitive market. Our members have had so much success largely because they are more educated about the college volleyball recruiting process than most. We would suggest reading through this guide a number of times and take notes!

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Aside from the easy-to-use suite of online tools that assist members in every aspect of the college volleyball recruiting process, we provide our users with sport-specific insight into how the process works. As a member, you deal with former college volleyball players – with the key word being volleyball. Our staff played college volleyball, and we know the sport. Why waste your time talking to a former college soccer player when you want to play college volleyball? How successful are our members? See some recent member commits here.

Sport-Specific Assistance

This guide is written for somebody interested in playing volleyball in college. The guide was written by former college volleyball players with the help of current and former coaches across all divisions. We wish a guide like this existed when we were going though the college volleyball recruiting process ourselves! We want to empower as many student-athletes as possible to play college volleyball, and this recruiting guide is a great resource.

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